The Barter Authority Advantage

  • Stability – Since 1980, The Barter Authority has been proudly serving the business and professional community in and around RVA.  Tidewater / Hampton Roads / VABeach were added in 2012.
  • Large Membership – Hundreds of local active members with a global reach.
  • Built-in Marketing Team – All Barter Authority members are actively promoted to other members with no out of pocket expenses or extra fees.
  • Increased Cash Flow – Use the barter network to purchase what's available on trade so that you save your cash.
  • Increased Buying Power – Barter purchases are less expensive than with cash. Now you can get much more for less.
  • Move Excess Inventory – Our B-Trade system helps you to move excess inventory and items that you have trouble selling.
  • Record Keeping – Barter Authority's trade platform does all the bookkeeping for you. Your information is available in real-time 24/7.
  • Technology – The Barter Authority has invested in the #1 Barter Platform in the industry.  There are new features available to enhance your trading experience.

Stone Age Bartering vs. Legal Professional Currency