Barter has given us the opportunity to reduce overhead by using a variety of businesses; from all of our printing needs to electrical work, construction, plumbing, cleaning, and the list goes on. The Barter Authority has also given me the opportunity to use for a variety of personal needs also such as travel, home repairs, landscaping etc.

Using trade for cost of goods and services has been part of helping our salon grow over the years. They have been a part of our team in business since we opened. I would recommend The Barter Authority to new and old businesses. If you are looking to keep your over head down and still get the services and products needed to help your business grow and succeed. This company can help you achieve that.

Christina Chambers, Owner

The Look Salon - Member since 2001


This Christmas wouldn't have been complete without the Christmas Eve
"help yourself dinner and dessert" we picked up from the Pretzel Factory
using our barter gift certificates!

Barter members, Rick Guidry of Coastal Material Handling and Lisa Guidry Zader of Captured by the Lens Photography, stopped by the Pretzel Factory on Christmas Eve in Virginia Beach to pick up our phoned in barter order placed just 30 minutes prior. 

Our evening gathering to celebrate Christmas opening gifts and enjoying a Christmas movie by the fire was topped off with steak and cheese pretzels, sausage pretzels, hot dog pretzels and for dessert... cinnamon and sugar pretzels.... All done through barter. Thanks Jack and Kevin of the Pretzel Factory for a unique, fun, and delicious food offering to add to our Christmas Memories, all via Barter Authority!

Lisa Guidry Zader, Owner
Captured by the Lens Photography - Member since 2005

By using barter services we have made many new contacts and many new friends.  We have been able to increase our cash business with the use of trade dollars. I would highly recommend The Barter Authority to anyone looking to make great business connections and use these services to benefit your business as well. Thanks again for another great year of doing business.

Dwight Hoenes
Russell’s Heating and Cooling - Member Since 2008

We have been a member of The Barter Authority for many years and have found it to be very advantageous for our business. By bartering, we have been able to reach a new group of customers that we probably would not have had access to.  It’s perfect for businesses that have excess capacity, or inventory, that they can turn into barter dollars. I really like the fact that they are tied into the national barter system which extends the possibilities enormously. We have been able to purchase all types of services, from hotel rooms in New York City, to restaurants and entertainment, industrial shelving for our shop, gift items and many other things. I highly recommend you try The Barter Authority as a way of increasing income.

Jeff Sheffield, President
Media East, Inc.  - Member Since 1998

The Barter Authority is one of the best selections I have made. The staff is super helpful, and since I have joined, I have been able to get my carpets cleaned, dental services, house power washed, my car serviced and new tires put on, have enjoyed delicious meals going out to eat several times, and now I will be utilizing moving services and getting new furniture. Oh, and a computer! All of these through barter, and I couldn’t be happier. As a small business owner, cutting costs is important, and The Barter Authority allows me to keep them to a minimum. I would- and do – recommend them to any business.

Chanttelle Bradley, Owner
Digital Moxie - Member Since 2016

Our company has had a great relationship with Barter Authority over my years at Sinclair and they have proven to be great partners in enhancing our promotions throughout the year! They've an arsenal of resources and partnerships of their own which have been very beneficial in our times of need too. The Barter Authority is an awesome connection to have especially in an ever competitive market!

Janet Aguilar

Sinclair Stations - Member Since 2003

The Barter Authority is helping me meet some of my business goals.  I am a brand positioning specialists and persuasive website content copywriter.  I joined with several goals in mind and they are helping me meet my expectations.  First of all, Sue Moose kept my services in mind while talking to new Barter Authority prospects.  Two of them are now clients.  I also wanted to meet new designers and developers to forge new local relationships.  That has worked well.  A third goal was to talk to network trading partners across the country who could use my services, which has also been met. Joining the Barter Authority has been nothing but a success for me so far.  Thanks everyone.

Chandler Turner, President

Accurate Business Communication - Member Since 2016

I have worked with the Barter authority for well over 10 years. My experience with them has been excellent. They are very, very easy to work with. The process is extremely easy and works very well. Basically, patients call the Barter Authority and are then referred to me. I perform their treatment and I receive payments in “Barter” dollars.

I use the Barter authority all the time. I have traded for multi-thousand dollar stained glass work in my house, advertising for the office, cars for my kids, painting and wallpaper in the office and everything else you can think of. Some of the best things for me have been barter dollars for vacations (hotels in various places, whitewater rafting, ziplining, log cabin rentals), dining (I have really enjoyed the Aberdeen Barn barter dollars), and local hotels when I have guests (I usually get the executive suite at the Resort and Conference center.  Again, I highly recommend that you work with the Barter authority. It is a win-win!!!!!

Dr. Ronald B. Frenkel, MD

AAPECS Eye Care - Member Since 2003

I am pleased to say that my Barter experience has been truly awesome.  I have been able to use legal representation and have had members use my services as well.  I have also gained cash clients from the word of mouth referral.  When a barter client comes in, it's very easy to get authorizations.  I also love that the office has specials to restaurants and for travel.  It has been a blessing for my business.  I look forward to rolling out an advertising plan in the near future to increase my cash business.  If you want to experience barter at its best with reputable people, then you should join The Barter Authority, It is worth it!

Dawn Harwick, Owner

Perfectly Pixeled Wellness Spa - Member Since 2014

The Barter Authority has been a valuable tool in building our ‘cashless’ business. After joining, we increased our landscape customer base thus providing increased income that we use with other Barter businesses. We didn’t have to convert any of our existing cash customers over to barter, we just built all new customers who were willing to trade through Barter Authority.

In exchange, we have been able to purchase numerous different services and products from other companies in the network. Gift certificates for local restaurants have made great gifts for customers, and we were able to install a commercial water softener for our business as well. Our family benefits from dental services on barter and our monthly healthcare premiums were drastically reduced.

There are so many benefits to the Barter Authority system! Thank you for all that you do for us.

Laura Matherly

A&S Lawn and Land Care, Inc. - Member Since 2012

A barter business that brings together services that both individuals and companies can benefit from as a bartering transaction.  Personally I joined Barter Authority through my company, CEO Consulting, in 2010. Both Bill Meacham and Donna Kinum are fantastic to work with in arranging bartering services. During the past 6 years I have used numerous bartering services and members have used my services, which include business planning for small companies. Some of the services I have used are restaurants, landscaping, handyman, tree services, veterinarian, power washing, carpet cleaning & painting.

Charlie Ferneyhough
CEO Consulting - Member Since 2009

There is a rich history that Barter has here in Hampton Roads dating back through the early 80’s since I first became a charter barter member.  Now with our economy tightening and liquidity dwindling in today’s market place, in my opinion the Barter Authority is ripe for expansion and publicity.  With that said, I look forward to our Barter relationship.

Dr. Robert E. Titcomb, OD, PC

Adult and Pediatric Medical and Vision Care
 - Member Since 1998

I have been a member of the Barter Authority in Richmond for roughly four years.  During that time I have received several trade jobs, ranging in size, related to my finishing business.  I have performed painting services as small as individual ceilings and bathrooms, to several rooms within a house.  I have had the flexibility of scheduling those jobs directly with other barter members, setting my own quotes, and choosing when I wanted to take on barter work.  The trade funds that I accrue have been a convenience to me for services that I use, particularly chiropractic care.  The Richmond office has been flexible and responsive to working with my individual business set-up and preferences.  All in all, it has been a worthwhile sideline to my main business operation.

Jeremy Gershmann
Member Since 2013

We offer our cleaning services on trade and in turn have been able to spend time with my family with entertainment, hotel and food all with trade dollars.  We are very happy we signed up.  The Barter Authority is the best thing ever!!!

Brian and Treazure of Bigi Enterprise LLC
Member Since 2017

Since joining Barter Authority, it has increased not just our trade base but our cash base due to referrals from our barter clientele, giving additional proof that it was a worthwhile decision.  Besides trading, being a member of Barter Authority makes for great networking.  Our barter account has almost been like depositing into a Christmas or rainy day fund.  As we trade our time and services, the trade dollars are put away for us to enjoy at a later date.  What makes being a member of a trade company, such as Barter Authority, appealing is that we can use our trade dollars towards our individual needs.  In other words, our trade dollars do not need to be directly reciprocated with our barter clientele, as we may not have a need for their services.  Likewise, we make deposits into barter member’s accounts, that don't come to us.

Over the years, we have enjoyed trading hotel stays, eye exams, eye corrective surgery, electrical services, cleaning services for both residential and business, computer install, repair and maintenance for both our home and our office, purified water system, advertising, exterminating, home repair, hair and spa treatments, movie passes, as well as enjoying a host of restaurants in the area.   This is certainly not an inclusive list, but just a few of our personal needs and wants.  We are looking forward to trading with new businesses as The Barter Authority continues to expand.

Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann, DDS
Member Since 2000