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The Barter Authority - Barter Network 4 Small Businesses

BancMarc has been locally owned and operated in RVA since 1980. In 2004, Bill Meacham assumed the President’s role when he bought his partner’s shares of the company. In 2007, he purchased The Barter Authority in the Hampton Roads arena. The two companies were merged in May 2012, which automatically doubled member's buying power.

Today, BancMarc, t/a The Barter Authority has a proven history of customer satisfaction, ethical business practices and strong management.  With 37 years of combined trade and brokering experience; we are positioned for major regional growth.  We have hundreds of accounts in the conservative markets of RVA / Hampton Roads / VABeach.

Joining a trade exchange will increase your business, save cash and allow you to acquire a wide variety of business or personal things without paying cash. The Barter Authority abides by a code of ethics based on integrity and respect for all members and we do not interfere with your cash sales.

The Barter Authority is staffed with trade brokers, who may quickly become your new best friends. It’s their job to market your goods or services, as well as find what you want to buy. The more they know about you and your needs, the more productive your trading experience will be.  We have invested in the #1 platform in the trade industry to enhance your trading opportunities.



Barter is a relationship business. The relationships that I have made through Barter Authority over the last 15 years have paid huge dividends. Barter Authority has made moving our extra inventory a very rewarding endeavor.

B. Hall