Membership Fees


  • $20 Cash & $10 Trade/Month
  • $395 One-time application fee
  • 6% cash transaction fees on purchases and 6% on sales
  • NO interested charged on negative trade balance
  • $10 cash charged after 25 days past due
  • $10 travel booking fee if outside network

Here's what you get for your investment:

  • Personal in-house brokers
  • Unlimited listings on marketplace
  • List up to 3 "Wants" per month on marketplace
  • Promotions offered by email blast
  • Up to 10 sub-accounts for employees

*It's simple... each time you earn trade from new sales, or pay for purchases with trade instead of cash, we earn a 6% cash transaction fee. In addition, much like a bank, there is a monthly statement and account fee of $15 cash and $15 barter dollars.
Monthly fees and transaction fees are automatically charged to your credit card or checking account the beginning of each month.

**All of our members are Preferred!